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Welcome to Our Website

WoodCats is an airsoft (Russian «strikeball») team based in Moscow, Russia.

Established in October 2000, the team has constantly contributed to the development of tactical games in Russia and the CIS.

Throughout these years we delivered airsoft hobby the way we see it – that is:

  • Courtesy and respect on the battlefield and in the Net;
  • Use of authentic military equipment and clothes;
  • Airsoft guns are subject to a mandatory pellet speed test;
  • Mandatory safety requirements, eye protection is a must;
  • Team play. Indisputable subordination. Order.

We have supported and developed the main Russian airsoft online resources – and

We have promoted airsoft hobby by our own example, in the Press, TV interviews, articles, novels and movies.

Our members have gained valuable experience in countless battles raging in Russia, the CIS, Europe and North America.

We are here and now. Ready for the challenge.

Feel free to contact us via and may the Force be with you!
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